Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

As we begin to enter a New Year having completed another journey round the sun, many of us review the past year in preparation for setting our intentions for the New Year.

I teach a class called “Time Management from the Inside Out”. In that class, we move away from the linear concept of time towards a circular one. New Year’s presents a wonderful opportunity to look back at the previous year from a holistic perspective.

We all have day-to-day roles that keep us busy. Now is a wonderful time to look within, and step back from the busyness of our roles to enlarge our perspective.

Some of the roles I have are: husband, father, psychotherapist, friend, community member, and of course responsibility for my own care. Before setting new goals for the year, I reflect back on how I have functioned in those roles. Not so much what do I want to accomplish but rather how I do I want to be?

I find this is time well spent that yields dividends throughout the year. Some years I am lucky enough to have time with a friend to sit down and share my insights.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year,


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