What Brings You Joy?

This may seem like an odd question to ask in the middle of a pandemic!

Yet, most of us have the opportunity to experience joy daily.

When you think or say, “I enJOYed that” breathe deeply and let it in. Often, it’s the simple things that brighten your day. Be on the lookout for joyous experiences. We can also bring joy to mundane experiences.  After seeing so many Texans without power and water, I enjoyed folding my warm clothes from the dryer.

But what if you don’t feel joy? Start with feeling gratitude for what you do have. I encourage you to mindfully take stock of your reasons for joy. Create a written joy list of things that can bring you joy.

1. Search for enJOYment daily: I love walking and noticing early signs of spring. The more I tune into my senses, the more joy I find. Joyous experiences are often “Hidden in Plain Sight”. Often joy finds me, when I simply slow down!    

2. Cultivate contentment. Focus on what you have, not what you lack.  Feel gratitude for your needs that are being met. Eating fresh strawberries for the first time this season, was joyous when I slowed down to appreciate it. 

3. Enjoy activities that bring happiness! What are some that inspire you? Walks in nature, music, gardening, connecting with friends. Call a friend and share a laugh.  

5. Reach out to others. Know someone who’s having a difficult time?Reaching out can bring deep satisfaction. Offering an empathic ear can bring great relief to someone, and joy to you. 

6. Share joy. Every day we get new opportunities to find joy in our lives and to spread it to others. Share your joy inspiring activities, and challenge others to add to their enjoyment.

Your optimism challenge:

From now until the first day of Spring, do one thing each day that brings you joy. Think of how you can take the lightness you feel from that activity and share it with those around you. For example, this could be a kind encouraging word, an invitation, a gift, a positive thought expressed. 

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