Transform Your Anxiety

I’m in the midst of teaching a class on transforming anxiety into excitement and we are discussing how to recognize anxiety provoking situations. You can often predict a situation is on its way by learning to recognize your triggers, whether it is your cousin Matilda coming for a visit, your messy house, or unorganized finances.
For example I know I become overwhelmed when my time gets overscheduled and I become disorganized. When this happens, I have difficulty shutting off my mind and I imagine worst case scenarios, such as my cousin Matilda moving in, my house becoming a rat haven and my finances disappearing on the internet.
Now, if I stop, look and listen, I realize those thoughts are revealing my hidden anxiety. I;

  • Stop to reassess my situation,
  • Look at options,
  • Listen inside for solutions.

New solutions emerge that let me relax and change my perspective. I might meditate, exercise, get out in nature and take actions that help me slow down and reduce my anxiety.

To view the PowerPoint from the Transform Your Anxiety Into Excitement class click here,
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