Return Again

This weekend I had the opportunity to ride my bicycle at Crater Lake on a ‘car-free day’.  Wow! The weather was gorgeous; East Rim drive was silent except for the whoosh of bicycles and the occasional skateboard.  While bicycling I revisited memories of previous visits to Crater Lake.

My first time in 1972; a bicycle ride on Cycle Oregon in 1989; and the accomplishment of bicycling around the rim on a bitter cold day. By revisiting these experiences, I also evoked the memories of the people I was with, the sun on my face and the awe inspiring blue color of the lake.

Physicists postulate time is not linear.  Although we conceptualize time as past, present and future our experience of it is cyclical. The changing of the seasons can often trigger memories of past experiences as can returning to places that hold memorable experiences.  (See my blog post New Seasons about the autumnal equinox)

I seized the occasion of my return to Crater Lake to sense into the optimism and vitality of my younger self .   Are there events in your life that you can use to evoke memories of the passion of your younger self and recharge yourself now?

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