Are you a resolutionary?

Recently a friend and I were at the YMCA, I remarked how crowded the gym was. He said they are ‘resolutionaries’ and will be gone soon.

Typically people make resolutions that are big commitments and fizzle out by February. It’s a discouraging way to start a new year by not keeping the self- commitments you make. Striving for self-improvement is deeply embedded in our culture, but self-acceptance is rare and less valued.

Rather than make resolutions this year, I decided to give attention to self-acceptance rather than self-improvement. By focusing on the parts of myself I value, I have been happier and more relaxed. I began by identifying traits that I wanted to nurture this year and then allowing time for those changes to emerge.

For example, friendships are important to me; by giving precedence to my time with friends I am deepening these bonds. Also, I enjoy reading but noticed spending less time reading books so I am prioritizing books over web surfing.

What strengths of yours would you like to spotlight this year?

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