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Transform Your Anxiety into Excitement

Employing new psychological and sociological discoveries, we will explore practical strategies to help you master your anxiety. Easy-to-use tools so you can develop flexible strategies to cope with anxiety. Utilizing the energy of your anxiety. Similarities between anxiety and excitement. WORRY LESS!!!

Choose the Optimism Option!

Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist?  The meaning you give to both your successes and your setbacks largely determines the answer.  Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to create an Optimistic perspective in retirement.  Utilizing recent psychological and sociological research you will learn strategies for developing Healthy Optimism.  Healthy Optimism allows you to maximize your time, energy, joy and fun.

Time Management Skills to Create Your Ideal Retirement

Learn seven steps to create your ideal retirement lifestyle for the third half of your life!

Boomers Thundering into Retirement!

It’s not about retirement, it’s about you. It’s about creating your new life vision, maximizing your time and energy, overcoming obstacles while managing your resources, and reducing your expenses by finding different ways to educate and entertain yourself. It’s about finding ways to achieve your real life satisfaction. Leave informed and inspired.

Don’t Worry About a Thing!

Would you like to feel less stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? This presentation teaches you simple, quick and effective techniques to help you feel more relaxed and calm. By learning to integrate anxiety treatment, lifestyle changes, and mindfulness you will develop your own individualized anxiety reduction techniques.

Sleep Better Naturally

Do you struggle with insomnia and long sleepless nights? Would you like to sleep better naturally? Sufficient sleep is vital for physical and mental health. Learn natural solutions for insomnia and develop habits that will help you improve your sleep. Rest assured that by implementing these techniques you will be on the path to sleeping better naturally tonight.

Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Are you busy all the time yet feel you are not accomplishing what is truly important? The central principle of time management is to spend your time doing those things you truly value. Learn how to:

  • Live a life of passion and joy
  • Let go of perfectionism
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Learn to say yes by saying no
  • Increase your spontaneity and creativity