Optimism Opportunities

I just completed teaching classes on the Optimism Option.  I developed this review to be helpful for class participants, and wanted you to have it as well.   Allan


A pessimist sees challenging events as permanent, personal and pervasive.  This attitude tends to make them feel depressed, exercise minimally and cut themselves off from social contact.

An optimist sees challenging events as temporary, external and specific.  They don’t let challenging events get them down.  They feel that everyone has challenges and tend not to be self-shaming or blaming.  Optimists see setbacks as temporary, and remember the successes of the past even in difficult times.

An optimist sees success as permanent, pervasive and personal.  While a pessimist is waiting for the other shoe to drop, seeing success as temporary, specific and external.

Tips to increase your level of optimism:

Do an end of the day review each evening emphasizing the positive things.  Write down three successes or appreciations no matter how insignificant.

Practice seeing the positive, even in difficult situations or events.  Find a silver lining.

Take a gratitude walk. Cultivate appreciative thoughts.

Be kind and compassionate towards yourself and others.  Develop an attitude of experimentation and learning in new situations or when things don’t go as planned.

Do not believe everything you think! Our viewpoint is not always correct.  Don’t assume your perceptions are the only way of looking at circumstances.

Do not interpret rejection personally. There are often, reasons beyond ourselves that others make the decisions they do.

Remember the quickest way to be happy is to choose what you already have. As the Buddha said, we suffer because we want something different.

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