Insomnia – Who are you listening to at night?

Listening to Music, Podcasts, or ‘Books on Tape’ has broadened my nighttime audio options.   As an adolescent, I remember listening on my transistor radio to either Jean Shepherd tell stories or Mets and Yankee baseball games.

We now have the technology to pick and choose our audio input in ways we could never have imagined.  In my work with people suffering from insomnia, many still listen to the radio at night.  While it may be simple it’s not optimal.  If you’re among those who still listen to the radio during the night, consider substituting some CD’s podcasts.   NPR has numerous radio shows that can be downloaded for free including Selected Shorts, This American Life and RadioLab. Surf the web and you will find programs on many subjects of interest to download.  My current web favorites include and

Either way it’s a Win-Win!  Hear the chosen program in its entirety or fall asleep while listening.

Sweet Dreams.

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