If you snooze, you DON’T lose

In many ways our world seems to demand instant answers and decisions. Responding immediately to e-mails, text messages and cell phone calls has become the new normal. In my counseling practice I frequently help people solve dilemmas that were made worse by quick, impulsive responses.

Brain research shows that while we are asleep our brain is processing the day’s events. It may come through in the form of a dream, as our brain sifting through our life experiences. In controlled experiments volunteers who got a normal amount of sleep improved task performance, while those who did not sleep deeply did not improve their task performance the next day.

We have so many options about how to spend our time into the night hours that sleep often becomes an activity of last resort. Although sleep is crucial to good health and smart decisions.

I suggest that next time you’re faced with a difficult decision or confused about a response take the time to “sleep on it”. You may be very happy that you did.

If you want to learn tips to help you sleep better, see my article on the Seven Secrets of Sleeping Soundly.

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