Do you remember how to be creative?

Forgotten how to be creative? - If you’re wondering how to be creative when you feel blocked, distracted or distressed, use these five tips to get your creativity flowing freely every day.Have you noticed how easy it is to be passively entertained to the point where we almost forget how to be creative? I’ve become accustomed to reading interesting articles on my ipad, instead of sitting down and putting pen to paper.  So it’s not surprising that I had been feeling blocked in my creative expression lately.

Thankfully, my daughter reminded me of the time when I was writing each morning, following the guidelines in Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. She reminded me of the expressive writing I used to enjoy, and how my creativity and excitement had expanded.

This is what I remember that I loved…

  • Writing for just 15 minutes makes me feel inspired.
  • Getting my thoughts and feelings out on paper frees my creative vision.
  • Handwriting is much more satisfying and expressive than sitting in front of my computer.
  • I love using color pens and not staying inside the lines – it helps me remember I’m not back in school.
  • I start with just one idea and then I let it flow without allowing my self-editor to interfere.

I was grateful for my daughter’s recollection and enthusiasm that inspired me to rediscover my imagination. I plan on picking up my pen every day. Have I stimulated your thoughts on how to be creative?

Your optimism challenge:

What is one method you’ve used to feel more creative in the past, that you can start using again?

I’d love to hear what works for you.  Share your feedback, questions or comments at

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