Have an Awesome Day

An awe-inspiring view of Crater Lake in Oregon.

When was the last time you experienced awe?

An article from Greater Good Magazine describes the benefits of feeling awe. In our busy lives, we might not think about this emotion too often. However, awe can be restorative.

Awe in this context signifies reverential respect and wonder. It’s the sensation many of us have when looking at stunning natural beauty or an inspiring piece of art. Imagine looking up at a waterfall in Yosemite National Park or an ancient basilica in Rome. 
This is all interesting, you might be saying, but how can awe improve my life? 

Here are two ways I’ve found awe to be beneficial. 

Awe can make you feel connected.

One fascinating thing about awe is how it changes our perspective of the larger world. Awe may help us feel closer not only to friends and family but to all that share this planet.  It can be a unifying experience that helps us reach out to others.

Awe can make you happier.

Experiencing awe is a great way to improve your mood! It’s difficult to feel stress or anxiety while feeling wonder. Studies have shown awe may increase generosity and contentment while reducing impatience and materialism. Sounds pretty good!

As winter turns into spring, see if you can create a daily awe-inspiring experience.  It can be as simple as the budding of a plant emerging from winter or a stunning photograph.   

Your optimism challenge:

As you are having an awe-inspiring experience, take the time to let it in deeply.
Have an awe-inspiring experience.
Enrich it—Feel it with your senses.
Absorb it—Let it into your body.
Remember it—In a challenging or stressful time.

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