Finding More Motivation to Exercise – Set Back the Clock!

Now is a good time to find YOUR motivation to exercise more.  Studies show that exercising regularly and vigorously can improve your health. Here are 4 powerful tips to get moving againBritish scientists discovered recreational cyclists between 55 and 79 are healthier and biologically younger than most others their age.  In the New York Times article, the scientists described that these older cyclists have stronger muscles and immune systems that are hardier.  Another study found that older people’s cells responded more robustly to intense exercise than the cells of younger counterparts. So now is a good time to find YOUR motivation to exercise more.

The message of these studies is that exercising regularly and vigorously can actually improve our health as we mature.


To help you get started or increase your workouts:

DO WHAT YOU ENJOY.  Do you like dancing, walking the dog, golfing, or gardening? Find something you love to do and that’s half the battle.

POST IT ON YOUR CALENDAR.  Goals are easy to avoid so make exercise part of your weekly routine. Write it down on your calendar or make an appointment with a friend so you are committed to do it.

START SLOWLY. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Build up your exercise program a little at a time. You can even space out workouts in ten-minute increments.  Studies have shown frequent short exercise times are just as effective as a single longer one.

BE MORE MINDFUL. Exercise is a great time to focus on yourself and on how your body feels as you move. Moving your body helps relieve anxiety.


Your Optimism Challenge:

Find YOUR motivation by picking an exercise you enjoy and ask someone to share it with you.

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