Does Water Increase Your Optimism?

Would you like to learn a way to increase your level of healthy optimism that costs no money and virtually no time?

The brain is 80% water, and hydration has a crucial effect on brain functioning, moods and optimism.  Water helps our lymph system flush toxins out of our entire body especially the brain.

Dehydration causes a spike on our stress hormones, which aggravates anxiety, irritability, memory and attention problems, as well as pessimistic thought patterns.  Why create this when there are so many ways to increase your intake of water?

Water is a great diet food, just prior to eating a snack or a meal.  Many of us live in areas where the tap water is pure and tasty.  Sparkling water is tasty and inexpensive.

When I drink juice I dilute it with either sparkling water or tap water I have kept in the refrigerator.  A slice of lemon or orange floating in the water can make it taste more flavorful.

Recently, I have begun to toast my water with a hearty  L’chaim…. “To life”.

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