Curate Your Life

Recently, I’ve found more and more of my patients have been struggling with current events. So when I was asked to contribute an article to the Ashland Daily Tidings, I decided that I’d share a helpful strategy to cope with the rapid changes.

Here are a few highlights from the article, or you can read it in full here.

The “STOP, LOOK and LISTEN” resiliency strategy involves these three steps:

STOP — The constant flow of input.
Think of yourself as a curator of your time when it comes to electronic media. Instead of getting sucked into perusing things that don’t matter, carefully choose what has the most personal meaning.

LOOK — Within.
Take some deep, slow breaths and connect to what you are feeling right now. Ask yourself: Are my thoughts and fears based in objective reality?

LISTEN — To your inner self.
Stay focused on what’s important using centering techniques such as exercise, healthy diet, music, social contact, and adequate sleep.

It may take some practice but I think you’ll find this strategy will reduce stress and enhance your resiliency.

Your optimism challenge:

Current research shows that resilience is strengthened by meaningful relationships. So take the time to reconnect with old friends or make new ones!

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