Bookends of Summer – Looking Forward and Back with Appreciation

How did you “savor your summer” and what do you love best about the fall season – keep this list handy to bring those events to mind as the days get cooler.I wrote my previous blog on Memorial Day sizzling in 100 degrees.  Writing this on Labor Day, I turned on my heater to dissipate the morning chill.

It’s a good time to review how we did “savoring our summer” and look ahead to what we love best about the fall season.

I am listing the highlights of my summer. I intend to keep the list handy along with a few photos.  That way I can bring those events to mind as the days get shorter and cooler.

In addition to appreciating these sunny September days, I am also envisioning some upcoming fall activities.

These include…

Biting into crisp Honey Gold Apples

Riding my bicycle longer in the cooler weather

Putting the lawn mower away

Refilling my hot tub

Remember to “Stop, Look and Listen” and soak in your favorite fall experiences.STOPLOOKLISTEN

Your Optimism Challenge:

Revisit your summer wish list; did you do what you hoped to do?

What is on your personal wish list for this fall season?

I’d love to hear from you about your favorite summer experiences or your autumn wish list. Share your feedback, questions or comments at

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