Be Here Now

Research shows that multi-tasking is a myth.  Actually  we are doing one thing at a time but without full focus as we move quickly to the next task.  In the past, I was proud of my ability to ‘multi-task’ now I see that it interferes with my happiness and effectiveness as well as my ability to Be Here Now.

Here are a few things I have been doing differently with the goal of Being in the Present.

1)  I am learning to pay closer attention to what people are saying to me. As soon as I notice that my mind is wandering, I bringing my focus back to the conversation.

2)  I am prioritizing the time it takes me to organize the accomplishment of a task, rather than rushing to begin it.  This helps me to finish what I start by reducing distractions and focusing my actions.  When I leave a project incomplete, I try to make either a mental or written note of my next steps to do when I return to it.

3)  Just because something arrives in my email, doesn’t mean I have to open it.  I have reduced the number of group emails I receive, and am focusing on those that are closest to my personal priorities.

4) I am taking the time to review the instructions for new electronic devices and software shortly after I begin to use it.  Reviewing it after having some understanding of the product makes it possible for me to get much more from reading the manual and increase my effectiveness.

5) Last but not least, I am trying to be gentle with myself as I stumble into Being Here Now.

What are a few steps you can take to begin to increase your ability to Be Here Now?

For more ideas check out zenhabits for 9 mindfulness rituals that you can easily incorporate into your day.

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